Intel Inspires Recap

Intel Inspires is an initiative created by Intel and AVGL to serve as a scouting ground for Fortnite, Rocket League and League of Legends players from highschool and freshman years of college. Intel Inspires gave college coaches and professional teams the opportunity to scout successful players from around the country. AVGL and Intel awarded scholarships to successfully recruited players and top placing teams within the AVGL Intel Inspires series. 

“Each player who participates in Intel Inspires will have exposure to colleges, universities and industry professionals. The connections forged at Intel Inspires may lead to valuable industry relationships and to university and college scholarships.” 

Space Productions was ecstatic to assist with empowering students and showcasing their journey from students to professionals. Space Productions was responsible for providing Intel Inspires with its broadcast needs for Fortnite, covering the qualifying rounds, the finals and various other events focused around Intel Inspires. 

Space Productions utilized Fornite’s custom lobby function to showcase talent in the most competitive environment possible. Across multiple observers and broadcast technology, competitors were showcased to the scouts and audience watching. In order to showcase important scouting criteria and skills, Space Productions utilized techniques to show multiple perspectives at a time. This enabled scouts to watch entire teams at once. The casters and observers worked to create exciting and compelling storylines, creating a grander story and context for competitors and teams in the eyes of the audience. Space Productions coordinated post game interviews with players to capture their excitement and allow everyone to learn more about them outside of the game. The combination of multiple levels of broadcast technique allowed scouts and the audience alike to view competitor’s capabilities as well as giving the students the opportunity to perform in the spotlight.