SpaceTime to run MSI's Equipment Loaner Program in 2023

SpaceTime and MSI USA have announced a year long partnership to get high powered gaming computers, monitors and peripherals to events in 2023! SpaceTime and MSI activated together with over twenty-five different gaming events in 2022, and plan on working with more events in 2023. Events such as PAX, DreamHack, LANFest, East Coast Throwdown, Defend The North, and more benefited from and activated with gear from MSI.

For 2023, MSI has now opened up a public application for their gaming equipment loaner program. No matter the size or scope of your event, MSI is encouraging all event organizers to apply for MSI's loaner program. SpaceTime is especially excited to continue to support Fighting Game Tournament organizers in 2023, and feel that this loaner program will bring PC's to events that otherwise might not be able to afford gear. Included in this partnership, MSI has also committed to SpaceTime as their preferred logistics and staffing partner for events in 2023.

The application can be found at

MSI's Events and Partnerships Manager is Victor Davila. SpaceTime's account manager for MSI Partnerships is Grant Haynes.

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