Spacetime Strategies is a leading broadcast solution in esports and beyond.

About us

Spacetime Strategies is a leading broadcast, events and logistics solution in gaming and beyond. From esports tournaments and broadcasts to conventions, corporate events, virtual panels and more, Spacetime Strategies does it all to help clients expand their footprint. Spacetime Strategies retains an unwavering commitment to giving back to the communities they launched from; the universe is the limit, and everyone’s invited along for the ride.

Our number one mission is to put on the best show. No matter how big or small the event, we strive to make the things we do spectacular, professional, and engaging.

Our History

Spacetime Strategies wasn't always Spacetime Strategies. Before the fancy name, there were two brands. Real Time Strategies and Space Productions. Space Productions focused on online events in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic while Real Time Strategies worked towards the return of live events. Together, these two brands joined forces to create Spacetime Strategies.

Starting as a group of students with a passion for production, Space Productions has grown from the collegiate space into something that is out of this world.


As a rising startup company, we're always looking for people join us for our next big adventure. Opportunities to join the team will be on a rolling basis. Make sure to check back here for your chance to join the Spacetime Strategies Crew.

No open positions at the moment, but we're always reviewing new applicants.
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At Spacetime Strategies, representation is an important topic to us. We believe that everyone should be able to participate in in esports without feeling unequal or unheard. This is why we have partnered and worked with some awesome companies in the past who share the same values as us in order to shed light on demographic groups that may not be as prominent in the industry.

Spacetime Strategies has worked hard to bring more representation to women in gaming including working with projects like Super Girl Gamer Pro, a competitive tournament series highlighting women in gaming, and Women Win, an organization that is dedicated to advancing girls and women's rights through sports.


Here’s answers to our most common questions

Will Spacetime Strategies provide a copy of the broadcast to the client?

Yes! Spacetime Strategies  is always excited to help you archive your project to help showcase it after it happens! We provide a VOD of the event in MP4 format to you within 24 hours of the event for free.

What does turnkey mean for Spacetime Strategies?

At Spacetime Strategies, Turnkey means that you come to us with an idea for a show and we can turn it into a reality.

From Creative Design, to Talent Sourcing, to Broadcast Engineering, Space Productions can turn your idea into a reality.

What does the flow of communication between client and Spacetime Strategies look like?

As a gaming adjacent company, Spacetime Strategies proudly uses Discord as its main form of communication. Once we decide that we like one another and are willing to work together, we will invite you to join our Discord server to best facilitate conversation.

We're always fans of using traditional forms of communication like email and phone calls though.

Can I see a preview of the show before it goes live?

Yes! Spacetime Strategies provides a full run of show, rehearsal and outline that breaks down each step that our tech director will take on broadcast. We always aim to have the preview and run of show at 3-5 business days before the event to allow room for feedback and critique.

Do you have any association to Spacestation Gaming?

Sam Morris, came up with the idea to start Spacetime Strategies when he was working for Spacestation Gaming. Since then, Spacetime Strategies has branched away from Spacestation Gaming and stands as it's own company not affiliated with Spacestation Gaming.

How does your pricing work?

At Spacetime Strategies we believe every idea deserves a custom tailored price. While we do have base costs that we build our estimates around, we try to keep prices low by giving you only what you need.

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