About SpaceTime


Spacetime Strategies is a leading broadcast, events, and logistics solution in gaming and beyond. From esports tournaments and broadcasts to LAN Free Plays, corporate events, virtual panels and more, SpaceTime Strategies does it all to help clients expand their footprint. Spacetime Strategies retains an unwavering commitment to giving back to the communities they launched from; the universe is the limit, and everyone’s invited along for the ride.

Our number one mission is to put on the best show. No matter how big or small the event, we strive to make the things we do spectacular, professional, and engaging.

Our History

Real Time Strategies was founded in 2017 by Gary Briggs and Josh Bates. They used their experience in LANs, gaming events, and logistics to bring services to new clients and established events. The company grew by bringing on key industry veterans, including Chris Grassel, Cj Murphy, Trevor Marks, and Omair Alam. This team has been running events like DreamHack BYOC, PAX Arena, and community leagues for Facebook and Twitch ever since. Gary was also involved in the founding and growth of other companies like 1337 Facilities and LANFest.

Space Productions was founded in 2019 by Sam Morris. Originally leveraging the connections he had made in Collegiate Esports groups, they provided full broadcast services to clients like CLG and UCLA. After attempting to run online leagues like College Rainbow Six League, Space Productions focused in on whitelabel online events, which spiked in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a core team including Jarom Norris, Liam Koenneker, and Jake Morey, Space Productions grew quickly by provided big-production quality on a flexible and affordable tech infrastructure.

During this time Real Time Strategies partnered with Space Productions as an online broadcast partner. As live events and logistics dipped during COVID, RTS started looking for a way to expand their offering. In 2021 RTS acquired Space Productions so that both teams could provide more comprehensive services to both Live and Online events. Shortly after RTS celebrated the merge by rebranding as SpaceTime Strategies.

Our Missions

At SpaceTime, we may be a whitelable services provider, but we still believe that through our work and the way we interact with and choose partners and staff we can make a difference in the gaming industry. The leadership of SpaceTime is committed to these pillars:

Put on the Best Show

No matter how big or small the contract, we will strive to make the things we do spectacular, professional, and engaging. We empower our clients to dream bigger and always give them quality products within the budget they have.

Work is just One Part of Life

We will never make a member of our team or someone we work with feel exploited. People need to be treated well, given good pay, and given the benefit of the doubt. People need to be able to take time off. Other people’s labor shouldn’t be anyone's unfair profit.

Contractors will always come first. At SpaceTime Strategies, we believe in an inverted pyramid of leadership. Management exists to serve the staff and the contractors, and we all work to serve the client and the audience. 

Make the Gaming Industry Better

Esports, events, and broadcasts are all spaces that include people of all kinds. No one should ever feel unwelcome or unwanted in the space, and we work to make sure that our work pushes the industry towards that goal. We will strive to make events accessible and free of toxicity.

SpaceTime Strategies itself will NEVER be a place where harassment or toxicity is tolerated. We will always listen when someone says we can do better.

We will look for opportunities to give back to the communities that support us, use our talents for the betterment of everyone, and not standby when we see action that needs to be taken. SpaceTime Strategies exists to serve the gaming community first and foremost.

Ready to put on your next great event?

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