We Specialize in Whitelabel, Turnkey, Event Services

That means you get to sit back, and let us put your brand front and center. Check out the kinds of things we're good at below.

Free Plays and LAN Events

Playing together is always a better time.

From 10 to 200 machines, we have the full capabilities to come to your event and run your entire gaming area.

  • Connecting clients with equipment sponsors or rentals.
  • Shipping all equipment in and out.
  • Full setup, takedown, and running the space.
  • Networking and game provisioning
  • Tournament administration
  • Tracking for players, time played, and game choices
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Reach the whole world on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming.

We bring the experienced crew and the studio equipment needed to put on a great-looking broadcast without the cost of an old-guard TV production.

  • Live Stages with on-site contestants, audience, and cameras.
  • Smaller events with just casters and gameplay.
  • Fully online events with trained staff operating our studio equipment and capturing footage remotely.
  • Hybrid events with in-person feeds contributing to a remote-operated broadcast.
  • All the necessary preperation - Runs of show, signal flows, graphic assets, and building the show packages.
  • Tracking for players, time played, and game choices
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Tournament Administration

Can't have a broadcast without games.

Complete your Free Play or Broadcast by letting us design, build, and run the tournament as well. We also offer this as a stand-alone product - for those who just care about giving the best player experience.

  • Players will get the best experience from lifelong tournament runners who are passionate about the games.
  • Ruleset and format creation that fits your goals.
  • We can create Registration Pages, Brackets, and Discord Servers.
  • TAs that can be available during play as well as on-call for ongoing or multi-stage tournaments.
  • We can even handle the prize payouts or distribution.
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Event Booths

Get your brand and product at the biggest events.

No one knows the value of gaming events like we do. No matter the size of your brand, we can help you have a booth at events like Comic Cons, DreamHacks, or events more catered to your audience.

  • We can connect you to the event organizers and exhibitor services to purchase space, power, and internet.
  • Design, order, deliver, and build booths to your specifications.
  • Professional, knowledgeable, and passionate staff to run your booth.
  • Booths of all kinds, including those providing information, experiences, or selling product.
  • Add a free play, tournament, or a broadcast to your booth - we can do that too.
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General Services Contractor

A complete solution to giving your exhibitors the best event experience.

With years of experience running the full exhibitor services for large events, we can provide comprehensive vendor and booth services while minimizing huge overhead costs.

  • Shipping management with advanced warehousing
  • Furniture rental, supply purchases, carpet, drape, lights, signage, and other equipment
  • Electricity and internet provisioning
  • Booth builds and teardowns
  • Everything offered with an online purchasing portal and a dedicated expo services manager to make sure vendors are being served directly
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Research and Consultation

No one knows better than us where the gamers are at.

Wanting to know the ROI on gaming events? Need to gather data on a new product? Looking for insight on why your university should invest in Esports? Our Gaming Ethnographers can do the research, conduct the surveys, and pull the data you're looking for.

  • Conduct surveys from exit polls at existing free plays to interviews with gamers.
  • Have your product tested at free plays and gather user feedback.
  • Let us convince you (or your boss) that you can generate brand value by attending or running events.
  • Commission large-scale demographic trend reports that can inform your business for long-term strategies.
  • Conduct in-depth user and UI research even for products that aren't gaming-specific.
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Ready to put on your next great event?

We do custom quotes for all budgets that meet you where you're at. Reach out to us to find out more details. Let's build something amazing together.


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